Welcome to my portfolio: I am the wizard of high definition content. I can do Web & graphic design, content writing/creation (including formating in XML & JSON), coding (Css, Javascript/AJAX/JQUERY, Php/MySql, Html) , setup Wordpress and other CMS sites, E-Commerce, video/audio design, SEO and other various marketing services.


Through the eye's of my peers I am perceived as a one man army, they call me Super John.

For the last 15 years I have dedicated myself to acquiring new skills and honing them for success. The skills I a refering to go beyond design and Web development, I also excel in management, technical writing, content creation, sales & marketing, and simply put "thinking outside the box".

I've have completed over 100 units at the Los Rios Colleges earning me two Computer Science degrees (One in Information Technology and the other in programming)

Throw me in, give me a little time, and I'll find my way.



I hope you like my work and my work speaks for me.


Industrial Strength Cleaning: Carpet cleaning Web site


JPAmaro Auto Sales: Use Car Dealership in Sacramento, CA


Extreme Common Sense: E-Commerce site


Seal Team Realty: Real Estate Web site


Three Page Folding Pamphlet The actual services displayed are taylored towards small businesses, also see actual sample pricing


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